The Power of Plants

The use of essential oils and botanicals as healing agents is a long-standing practice throughout human history. In fact, essential oils and other botanicals have been used in wellness practices for thousands of years. Prized for their medicinal and aromatic properties, essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties.

There are thousands of research studies vouching for the remarkable healing and therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Terpenes and Olfactory receptors,

Essential oils contain a massive amount of terpenes, aka hydrocarbons as well as oxygenated compounds found predominantly in plants. In recent years terpenes have caught the eye of researchers for their medicinal properties and positive benefits on a host of health issues. Research shows that specific terpenes are lauded for their medicinal and healing abilities and new research has discovered exciting new ways these organic plant chemicals influence our daily health.

To learn more about how olfactory receptors can be positively affected,
see the New York Times' article, Smell Turns Up in Unexpected Places

Professional Blends Essential Tattoo Oil only contains the highest quality ingredients, blended from the purest essential oils and botanicals that nature has to offer.

Our specially handcrafted blends have a very small molecular size and are lipid soluble. This means that their healing properties are absorbed quickly by the skin, allowing the skin to breathe, as opposed to suffocating the skin with petroleum based products or ointments that may trap bacteria. All our blends have Carrier oils, these are highly recommended when using essential oils. At Professional Blends, we give as much attention to the selection of the carrier oils in our formulations as we do to the essential oils.

Carrier oils improve the effectiveness of essential oils.
Carrier oils get their name because they “carry” the essential oils through the pores into the skin. Essential oils are “volatile” meaning they quickly turn into a gas when exposed to the air. This is why you get that wonderful scent wafting through the air when opening a bottle of essential oil. The carrier helps counteract this volatility, allowing the essential oils to be absorbed by the skin instead of vaporizing. It is worth noting that applying essential oils to the skin “neat” (full strength, without dilution) is not recommended. Skin sensitivity, or skin sensitization (a type of allergic response), can occur when essential oils are not properly diluted. This can lead to a permanent allergic reaction to the essential oil. This is why our blends include carrier oils.
Carrier oils bring their own nutritional healing properties.
Though carrier oils play a vital role by aiding in the absorption of essential oils, they also contribute to nourishing the skin. As plant- based oils, carrier oils possess many of the rich nutrients of the seeds, kernels, and nuts from which they are derived.

At Professional Blends, carrier oils are an integral part of how we formulate our products. Each carrier oil is chosen specifically to enhance the healing properties of the essential oils it helps to absorb. Careful attention to every component is at the heart of what makes our blends so effective.

Proper tattoo skin care goes far beyond sunscreen, daily cleansing, or just making your tattoo shiny with balms and creams. We understand the art of healing and help you avoid any potential issues that may arise when getting a new tattoo.

Learn more about potential issues


Tattoos breach the skin, which means that skin infections and other complications are possible. These are a few possible side effects that could occur if your new ink is not properly cared for:

  • Allergic reaction to dyes
  • Skin infections
  • Blood borne diseases
  • Bleeding
  • Inflammation
  • Heavy metal toxins from tattoo ink
  • Blocked meridians
  • Flaking and scabbing
  • Scarring
  • Interference with future magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests


Our essential oils are sourced globally from their natural environment. They are free of harsh chemicals, artificial ingredients and pollutants, unlike the chemically processed materials and artificial ingredients that other companies use for their cheaper, mass-produced products. 

By using only the finest 100% natural ingredients in all our carefully hand-crafted blends, we maximize their healing benefits.

Our natural aftercare tattoo oil stimulates the body’s own ability to restore itself, aiding the natural healing of the skin, thus lowering the risks of unwanted side effects new tattoo art may present and enhancing the look and life of your tattoo.

Each of the carefully selected ingredients in Professional Blends Essential Tattoo Oils have been specially chosen for their medicinal and healing properties, to aid in the recovery, repair and maintenance of tattooed skin.

How you care for your new or existing tattoo will determine how your tattoo will look in the years to come.

Very little can match the versatility and regenerative abilities of these specially formulated blends.

It’s literally food for your skin!

See for yourself what these amazing products can do for you! Risk Free, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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