Use and Application


Topical application is one of the most effective means of gaining the maximum benefits from essential oils. Because essential oils have low molecular weights and are lipid soluble, they easily penetrate the skin.

A little goes a long way – gently apply a small amount to area of concern allowing it to absorb into the skin and ensuring it will achieve the desired effects.

Carrier oils are highly recommended when using essential oils. At Professional Blends we’ve done the work for you by giving as much attention to the selection of the carrier oils in our formulations as we do to the essential oils.

  • Carrier oils improve the effectiveness of essential oils. Read more...

    Carrier oils get their name because they “carry” the essential oils through the pores into the skin.

    Essential oils are “volatile” meaning they quickly turn into a gas when exposed to the air. This is why you get that wonderful scent wafting through the air when opening a bottle of essential oil. The carrier helps counteract this volatility, allowing the essential oils to be absorbed by the skin instead of vaporizing.

    It is worth noting that applying essential oils to the skin “neat” (full strength, without dilution) is not recommended. Skin sensitivity, or skin sensitization (a type of allergic response), can occur when essential oils are not properly diluted. This can lead to a permanent allergic reaction to the essential oil. This is why our blends include carrier oils.

  • Carrier oils bring their own nutritional healing properties. Read more...

    Though carrier oils play a vital role by aiding in the absorption of essential oils, they also contribute to nourishing the skin. As plant-based oils, carrier oils possess many of the rich nutrients of the seeds, kernels, and nuts from which they are derived.

    At Professional Blends, carrier oils are an integral part of how we formulate our products. Each carrier oil is chosen specifically to enhance the healing properties of the essential oils it helps to absorb. Careful attention to every component is at the heart of what makes our blends so effective.

Always read the labels and directions before using any of our products


Sensitive Areas to be Avoided:

  • the eyes
  • inner ears
  • mucous membranes


WARNING: Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children, see product label for more information. if you are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from any medical condition consult a healthcare professional before use. Some products contain pure grapefruit essential oil.


These products have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to treat, cure,or prevent any disease or medical condition.